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Get perfectly cut gift wraps using any size of roll

We love giving gifts, not so much wrapping them. It doesn’t matter what we do, our gifts always come out looking like they were wrapped by a two-year-old.

The edges are all messy, the cuts are uneven, and don’t even get us started on how many times we’ve nicked ourselves with the scissors.

One other thing. Time drags on forever when you’re wrapping gifts. Seriously, one hour feels like three. And nothing helps.

This wrapping paper cutter saves you time, fits any size roll, and always gives you the perfect cut.

Birthdays, Christmas, whatever… this is the go-to for cutting wrapping paper.

  • Safety lip. You don’t want to cut yourself, just the wrapping paper. The safety lip keeps your fingers safe and cut-free.
  • Adjustable. It doesn’t matter what size your wrapping paper roll is, this ultra-flexible cutter adjusts to fit them all.
  • Perfect cut. This blade is set at the exact right angle to catch the paper and give you the perfect cut every time.
  • Easy to use. Just wrap the cutter around your roll, pull the paper out, and slide the cutter over it. It’s super easy and takes like two seconds.
  • Portable. It’s small and lightweight, so you can transport it from room to room or even house to house. It’ll fit in your purse or glove box.

Get clean, neat edges quickly, easily, and without any hassle.

Scraggly, uneven edges can make even the best of wrap jobs look like a disaster. These edges always come out neat and straight.

Order this wrapping paper cutter now and wrap gifts faster and easier.

It might not be life changing, but it will make your life easier. That seems like a good thing.

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