LED Backlit Wireless Mini Keyboard

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Do you have a little TV junkie or hardcore gamer in you? Then get ready to flip.

This Backlit Keyboard with Touchpad is everything you never knew you wanted.

We’re talking multi-color, multi-function, multi-thrills. Desktop, laptop, tablet… whatever you want to throw at it, this baby can handle.

It’s ergonomically shaped so your gaming hand doesn’t tire out too fast. And this thing likes to travel—it’s small enough that you can slip it into your bag or purse.

But let’s break it down. What really makes this keyboard so special?

  • Wireless connectivity so you don’t trip on your cords.
  • Auto sleep and auto wake modes so you don’t have to think too hard about what you’re doing.
  • The mini QWERTY keyboard comes with multimedia controls. Your TV will obey your command.
  • Afraid it’s not right for gamers? Think again. PC gaming control keys are built-in along with a 360-degree supersensitive flip touchpad.

Basically, this keyboard is super awesome.

Whether you spend your weekends gaming out with your friends or marathon streaming your new favorite TV show, you need this keyboard.

Otherwise you’re just missing out.

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