Wireless Guitar Transmitter & Receiver

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Think big. You don’t have to be a rock star to want to sound like one.

The difference between professionals and amateurs? No, it’s not thousands of screaming fans. Well, yes, that, but not just that. It’s equipment.

Tripping over cords on stage? Amateur. Wireless transmitters and receivers that let you play anywhere? Professional.

Get the idea? The right tools bring you one step closer to full-fledged rock gods. Or reggae or country or whatever your sound is.

And no. Before you even ask, we’re gonna tell you—wireless does not mean giving up sound quality.

This wireless guitar transmitter and receiver give you crystal clear sound every time you plug in without sacrificing quality.

Check it out.

  • No setup. Okay, so you have to plug one into your guitar and one into your amp, but then you’re done. It literally takes seconds.
  • Cordless. Face it, cords suck. They keep you constrained when you’re on the stage. You don’t need them anymore. Time to cut the cord for good.
  • Perfect sound. Stop thinking that you’ve got to give up quality to go wireless. Your sound comes out pitch-perfect every time.
  • Rechargeable. The built-in battery gives you 8 hours of play time without cutting out. Charge it while you’re sleeping and you’re good for the day.
  • Adjustable volume. Crank it up or turn it down. The push-pull switch makes it easy to adjust your volume to any situation.

Walk, jump, and play up to 70 feet away without cutting out.

That’s basically the length of a stage. Whether you’re at a concert venue, an auditorium, or a house party, you’ve got the range to do what you want.

If you play guitar, you need freedom to move around. This transmitter and receiver give you that freedom.

Order it today and tomorrow you’ll be playing like a professional.

You might not be a rock god yet, but you’ll be one step closer.

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