Wine Chiller Stick

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Ready for a debate? Wine—to chill or not to chill? Go.

It seems a little silly to outsiders, but if you drink wine or champagne, this is a serious matter.

The problem is, ice cubes and wine equal disaster. Sure, your wine gets cold, but it also ends up watered-down and flavorless. A big no-no.

Putting it in the fridge could work, maybe. But condensation ruins things in other, possibly worse ways. Especially if the bottle’s already open.

Enter the wine chiller stick.

Chill your wine without watering it down, ruining the quality, or losing flavor.

This is a wine lover’s happy place.

  • 2-in-1. You get a chiller and a funnel in one perfect design. Pour your wine without spilling it and without having to remove the stick.
  • Cools for hours. Keep your entire bottle cool all evening. It probably won’t take that long to drink it, but we figured we’d cover you just in case.
  • Anti-rust. High-quality stainless steel means this chiller stick won’t rust even over time. So use it, wash it, and use it again without worry.
  • Universal. Our design fits any standard-sized wine or champagne bottle. You won’t have to squeeze it to make it fit, it just slides right in.
  • Sleek and attractive. You don’t want a clunky stick poking out the top of your elegant wine bottle. This chiller actually looks good.

Keep your wine cool and your guests happy.

It’s the kind of thing that’s perfect for parties or elegant dinners.

And it can actually satisfy both sides of the debate. Your wine stays chilled, but the flavor remains intact.

Order one now—wait, one? That doesn’t sound like enough.

If you only open one bottle at a time, okay. But there’s reds, whites, pinks… More than one bottle means more than one chiller.

Don’t worry. It won’t break your piggy bank.

Order as many as you need and make your wallet and your inner wine-lover both very happy.

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