Windmill Watermelon Slicer

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We love love love watermelon!

Know what we don’t love? The freaking mess that comes with cutting one up.

Seriously. Has there ever in the history of fruits been something so annoying to cube, slice, or dice as a watermelon?

They’re huge, messy, and their juice gets everywhere.

Too bad they’re also so darn delicious we can’t go an entire summer without eating one… or two or three…

This windmill watermelon slicer takes the hassle out of slicing watermelon. Slice and cube melons in minutes without any drippy mess.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Bite-size. Why waste good juice? Cube the watermelon into bite-sized pieces that will leave the juice in your mouth instead of on your floor.
  • Automatic. Just push the windmill slicer into the watermelon and watch it cut. The pieces automatically pop out as they go.
  • Stainless steel. Steel blades mean sharper cuts. Oh, and they’re totally rust-resistant too, so all that watermelon juice won’t destroy your nifty gadget.
  • Easy to clean. Just rinse in a little soapy water and you’re done. Need a deeper clean? That’s cool too. They’re dishwasher safe.
  • Not just watermelon. Use this windmill cutter to cut any kind of melon. Cantaloupe, honeydew, some delicious but weird things we’ve never heard of… it cuts them all.

Eating watermelon is awesome. Cutting it up is a hassle.

Until now.

No mess, no fuss, no way you’re cutting watermelon again without this tool.

The window for fresh, juicy watermelons is short. Order this now or miss out until next year.

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