HD Clarity Endoscope Wifi Inspection Camera

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Resolution: 720P (Soft Cable)

720P (Soft Cable)

Cable Length: 1m

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Ever drop your keys down a vent? How about your wedding ring down the drain?

Tiny little items love to slip through our fingers and fall down into cracks, holes, or crevices we just can’t quite reach.

This HD camera endoscope makes it so you can find, hook, and pull your items out of whatever dark hole they’ve fallen down.

Check out these features.

  • What good would this camera be if it wasn’t waterproof? Send it down a drain without worry.
  • Miniature mirror. So small it will easily slide into tiny spaces without giving you a hassle, so you can always see what you’re looking at.
  • Hook and magnetic rod. Once you find what you dropped, you can pull it back out with this hook and rod.
  • HD camera. See anywhere, no guessing involved. Just connect through WiFi, look at your monitor, and see crystal clear images.

It’s simple, easy, and built to last.

This is a professional tool that anyone can use.

  • Got an engine you need to get into? This camera will get you in with ease.
  • Get into drains and pipes with ease.
  • Don’t let tight, tiny places stop you from success.
  • If you’ve got a kitchen, bathroom, or garage, you need this tool.

Everyone gets a little clumsy sometimes. This endoscope can save you when that happens.

The next time you drop something down the drain, be ready for it.

You need this endoscope today, because tomorrow might be too late.

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720P (Soft Cable)

Cable Length

1m, 3m, 5m, 10m