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Soggy shoes are the pits. Even worse? Soggy socks. And if you get one, you get the other.

How is anyone supposed to be comfortable when their feet are a sopping mess?

And if you’re an athlete… forget about it. Good luck on the track when your toes feel like a wet prune.

Of course… you could waterproof your shoes. It’s super easy and totally DIY.

These waterproof covers slide right over your shoes to keep them dry even when you’re running through a puddle the size of Utah.

Don’t let weather keep you indoors. Fight back.

  • Anti-slip sole. Silicone is one of those things that comes in handy over and over again. It ensures your shoes won’t slip on wet ground.
  • Invisible. Afraid this cover will ruin the look of your designer sneakers? Don’t be. It's invisible, so all you see are your knock-out shoes.
  • Portable. Easily store and transport these shoe covers. They fold into a little square so you can slip them into your purse or pocket.
  • Reusable. Use them as many times as you like. They go the distance, even if you’re running sprints or chasing a ball down the field.
  • Waterproof. Rain, snow, and sleet can’t keep you down. Your shoes, and everything inside them, will stay dry to the bone.

Stop bad weather from ruining your day.

If you run, play ball, or even just walk to the mailbox in the middle of a rainstorm, you’re gonna want these shoe covers.

Face it. Bad weather’s gonna come whether we like it or not.

Order these shoe covers today and be ready for it. Because you can’t let a little rain stop you from living your life.

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