Reusable Nano Gel Tape

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Tape Width: 3cm


Length: 1m

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Talk about a mess. You know that double-sided tape we used to hang our picture? The kind that’s supposed to hold two pounds and be damage-free?

Well, that damage-free tape just ruined our walls. Yep, tore the paint right off and a chunk of wall with it. Okay, a small chunk, but still.

Double-sided tape is one of those things that sounds like a good idea in theory, but in practice? We’ve only had problems.

And nails aren’t any better. We don’t need our walls looking like a woodpecker went to town on them.

Hang on. Forget the nails, forget that old junk tape. We’ve got something way, way better.

Nano gel grip tape holds anything, is totally reusable, and never leaves behind damage.

We’ve never thought of tape as awesome before, but this might be the coolest thing ever.

  • Damage-free. Worried it’s gonna hurt your walls? Don’t be. Floors, walls, carpet… it’s all safe with this nano gel tape.
  • Washable. Who ever heard of tape you can wash? This is gel tape, so it’s a little different. Just rinse it under warm water and wash away dirt.
  • Cut to size. Whether it’s a big piece or a small piece, this easily cuts to whatever size you need. No special tools required, just good ole’ scissors.
  • Reusable. Change your mind about where you want that picture? That's cool. This tape is totally reusable. Peel it, move it, and stick it down again. 
  • Double-sided. Stick it and grip it. Lay a strip across your walls, then stick your keys, phone, whatever. It’s double sided, which means double convenient.

Sounds amazing, but it’s still tape. What can it actually hold?

  • Pictures. Hang pictures without damaging your walls.
  • Posters. You don’t need a frame just to hang stuff.
  • Carpets. Stop that throw rug from sliding around.
  • Utensils. Save kitchen space and stick your utensils within easy reach.
  • Garage. Organize your garage and hang up your tools.
  • Entryway. Keys, phones, garage door openers. You know, stuff.

Forget stinky glues or adhesives.

This is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

That means it’s safe for you, your family, and your pets.

Look, we’ve all got something that needs hanging.

Don’t grab a nail, grab this nano gel tape. It’s tougher, stronger, and works better.

Order it now and hang your things tomorrow.

You won’t miss the damage, you’ll just enjoy the tape.

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