Walking Unicorn Kids Toy

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Oh my cuteness. Is this thing adorable or what?

There’s not a kid on this planet that wouldn’t want one of these.

This lovable unicorn is ultra-soft, loves to sing, and actually walks on a leash.

Adults might not get it, but it’s not meant for you.

Kids are gonna love everything about it.

  • Walkable. Yep, you read that right. Walk this unicorn on a leash. Easily take it over grass or down a sidewalk.
  • Stain-free. Don’t worry about this toy getting stains on its feet. Cute boots keep the dirt off and make them easy to clean.
  • Talks and sings. This is so much fun. Press a button to make the unicorn talk and sing. Your kids will be singing along with it.
  • Remote controlled. The heart-shaped tail is as functional as it is adorable. It actually works as a remote to control your unicorn.
  • Ultra-soft. No one wants to cuddle something hard and plasticy. This plush toy is soft and oh-so-snugable.
  • Battery operated. No messy cords to trip over or get tangled in. Just a few batteries and your kid will be walking their new “pet.”

A fun, delightful way to teach your kids responsibility.

If they care for their unicorn now, maybe they can get a real pet later.

Plant that idea, and it just might save you some time and money. Plus, your kid is just gonna love this thing.

Pick one of these sweet little toys up today and watch your child’s eyes light up. A gift like that doesn’t come with a price tag, it comes with the kind of memories that last forever.

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