Vintage Cross Knot Suede Headband

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Color: Black

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Oh my cuteness. Can you say adorable?

This suede headband looks simple, but really it’s a fashionista’s dream.

Okay, okay. What makes it so special?

Just look at these amazing features.

  • Vintage-inspired. See that cross knot at the top of the headband? That’s the kind of vintage touch fashion ads are raving about.
  • Stretches to fit. Ever feel like your head’s too big? Or obscenely tiny? Doesn’t matter. Our headbands fit every shape and size.
  • Soft suede. No, it won’t itch or make your head all sweaty. All it does is look super-cute and add an elegant touch to any outfit.
  • Multiple colors. Because who wants to wear the same color every day? Pick your favorites and change them out whenever you feel like it.

Headbands are a classic for a reason. Anyone can wear them, they take little to no styling, and they always look good.

Why would you spend hours on your hair when you can spend seconds?

That’s how long it takes to make your hair look good with a headband.

Order yours now and think of all the things you can do with the time you save. Like shopping for shoes or working off that extra scoop of ice cream.

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