Car Dashboard Phone Holder

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A car phone holder is a safety precaution for drivers to hold mobile phones conveniently when navigating, making a phone call, or replying to a message while driving. While tons of car phone holders already appear in the market, drivers still find it difficult to find one that would fit their preference. Most phone holders offer an angular or side view that takes away eyesight off the road that could be an eye or neck strain and can also be a hazard to driving.

Finally, here comes the car phone holder that offers that perfect parallel view towards the road. Gear on safely to the right direction with the Car Dashboard Phone Holder.

Simply clamp it just on top the odometer and start driving with all attention on the road.

  • Easy mount, eye level, toward the road direction
  • Aids in safe driving
  • Multi-task without taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the steering wheel
  • No eye or neck strain after driving

Ideal Phone Holder

Stay focus is essentials when driving to stay safe. But sometimes, you have to take care of some other tasks while driving, like answering a call, sending text messages, and navigating with a GPS.

This phone holder will give you that luxury to still multitask without risking your safety on the road with the HUD design (Heads Up Display). The phone holder installs on the dashboard, above the odometer maintaining that great view of the road. Get your eyes fixed on driving while making safe glances on your phone. Because it is ideally located in front of you, there is no need to adjust it every time, leaving your hands also fixed to the steering wheel for excellent driving control.

Anti-Slip, Adjustable Phone Bracket

The common dilemma with car phone holders is, it’s hard to fix that it always moves and easily detaches. Adjusting it to preference is problematic, too. With this car phone bracket, you are sure that it stays in place with its anti-slip grip both on the mount and on your phone. It has a teeth-like grip that’s sure to hold your mobile phone without it failing. The bracket can be tilted up, down, and sideways to get that ideal eye level vision.

Universal Car Phone Holder

It fits in perfectly to any dashboards, whatever the car type or model. With its flexible grip, you can mount it to any dashboard and it adjusts itself.

Ultralight and Durable

The phone bracket is made from durable ABS plastic that is flexible and bendable. It also fits perfectly the dashboard with its slim bracket design. Not much weight so it won’t affect the stability of the mount.

Your ride couldn’t be safer and more convenient with the Car Dashboard Phone Holder.
You can still listen to music, pick up phone calls, respond to text messages and navigate GPS. But always remember that focusing on driving is still the best key to road safety.


  • Sturdy and Stable
  • Easy Operation- simply Clip
  • Heads Up Display design (HUD)
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Well-built Durability - Made of High-quality ABS material

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