Universal Motorcycle Lock

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Riding a motorcycle has been cool since the days of classic Hollywood. Getting it stolen isn’t.

Our universal motorcycle lock protects motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs.

If you’ve got a motorcycle or scooter, chances are you already have a lock for it. But no way do you have a lock like this.

This universal lock is like the ultimate world champion of motorcycle locks.

What are the main features?

  • Simple, flawless design. Just lock your handlebar to your front brake lever, and no one will be able to move it.
  • Our stainless steel wire is nearly uncuttable. Even with a saw. So you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your bike is safe.
  • It’s universal. Whether you’re riding a motorcycle, scooter, or ATV, our lock will work for you across all brands.
  • Ever forget your scooter was locked and just… go? It happens to us all, and it never ends pretty. This lock is made so you can’t forget it’s there.
  • No key required for locking. Just park your motorcycle, lock it, and go. Because we think simple and easy are the way everything should be.

Stop worrying about your motorcycle being stolen and spend more time worrying about how many miles you can ride it in a single day.

Get this universal motorcycle lock now so someone doesn’t steal your bike tomorrow.

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