Undercarriage Cleaning Kit

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Get rid of dirt, oil, salt, and grime in just a few minutes 

This undercarriage nozzle gets all the crud off your car’s chassis quickly, easily, and without causing damage.

  • Fast & easy cleanup. Easily reach completely across the undercarriage. Get done in minutes, not hours.
  • No crawling. Even if you crawled under your car to clean it, you’d never get it all. This gets everything, no crawling required.
  • Quick connect. Don’t waste your entire day figuring out how to connect this nozzle to the washer. We made it easy for you. Just twist and go.
  • Durable. Don’t freak out if you drop it while you’re cleaning. This thing is built to last. We’re talking years, not days.
  • Lightweight. It’s not gonna weigh your arms down when you’re holding it. Easily move it all around your car.
  • Damage-free. You don’t want to spray too hard and knock something off that belongs there. This gives just the right amount of pressure.

Get rid of dirt, oil, salt, and grime in just a few minutes.

This is about to be the next tool in your arsenal for your routine washes.

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