Ultra-Bright Flashlight

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LED Type: T6-4000 Lumens

T6-4000 Lumens
L2-8000 Lumens
V6-10000 Lumens

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Holy freaking torchlight. Keep that thing out of my eyes.

That’s gotta be the brightest flashlight we’ve ever seen. Take the sun and times it by ten.

Actually, that’s pretty cool. It adds a safety factor to late-night walks and camping in the woods.

Someone springing at you? Bam! Get their eyes. Bear attacking? Boom! Blind it.

No more lost trails or too-dark-to-see moments when the power suddenly goes out during a thunderstorm.

This ultra-bright flashlight is compact, lightweight, and can flood your path with light at the push of a button.

This flashlight does everything. Starting with 5 awesome light modes.

  • Low. 20% brightness. Bright, just maybe not bright enough to blind a bear.
  • Medium. 50% brightness. Now we're talking. Get that spotlight going.
  • High. 100% brightness. Ultra-bright. The perfect floodlight.
  • Strobe. Awesome against attackers, animal or otherwise.
  • SOS. In trouble? Automatically signal for help.

Guess what?

If you liked the light modes, you’re gonna love the rest of this.

  • Compact. Small enough to fit in the glovebox of your car, your coat pocket, or a purse. Who says good things don’t come in small packages?
  • Waterproof. Don’t lose your light just because you got caught in the rain. See where you’re going in any weather.
  • Wrist strap. Slip the strap over your wrist that way even if you drop it, you won’t lose it. It’s kind of foolproof.

Hear a noise late at night?

Zoom your light in or out and see who’s lurking in the shadows.

Yeah, you can actually zero in on intruders. Cool, huh? It’s the spotlight effect and only takes a second to kick in.

Look, whether it’s a blackout or an intruder, eventually, you’re gonna need a flashlight.

Order this ultra-bright flashlight now and never worry about seeing in the dark again.

It’s the easy thing to do and for once, the easiest thing is also the best thing.

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LED Type

T6-4000 Lumens, L2-8000 Lumens, V6-10000 Lumens


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