Turbo Ball Cat Toy

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Color: Pink

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Cats are awesome. They’re super cute and so easy to love.

But the first time you ignore Fluffy’s request for entertainment, watch the claws come out and dig into your brand-new couch.

The one thing no cat owner wants is a bored cat with too much time on their paws. That can only lead to trouble. You know it, and Fluffy knows it.

But you can’t always play the second your cats wants you to. There’s food to be cooked and work to be done.

This turbo ball track keeps your cat entertained for hours without any extra help from you.

Okay, you’ve gotta set it up first, but then your part is done.

Now it’s Fluffy’s turn. Just make sure to point out all the cool stuff.

  • 4 levels. Each level gets its own ball, so your cat can’t get bored. Play with one level, or get all 4 going at the same time.
  • Mimics natural prey. Okay, it might not look like a mouse, but it moves like one. The balls swirl in just the right, eye-catching way.
  • Non-skid pads. The last thing you need is your cat digging for the ball and pushing it halfway across the room. This stays put.
  • Interchangeable toys Are balls not quite your cat’s thing? No worries, just change them out. Add in your own toys, the ones you know they like best.
  • Sturdy frame. We know who our main client is here. No, not you—your cat. We built this for them. It’s made to stand up to their roughest play.

You don’t need big toys that take up a lot of room just to amuse your cat.

Cats like things they can interact with, and that’s why they’ll go bonkers over this.

Seriously, it costs less than one of those fancy lattes at your favorite coffee shop.

Get one now and let your cat try it for themselves.

But remember, this is one time you don’t get to be the judge on whether it stays or goes. It’s up to your cat.

We’re pretty sure that means it’s staying.

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