Drain Hair Catcher

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Ew. Where do we start? With the disgusting hair clogging your drain, or the creepy, crawly bugs trying to climb their way out of it?

You don’t need a plumber, you just need something to catch all the junk trying to make a home in your pipes.

Save yourself time and money by stopping clogs before they even start.

This drain catcher is like a little piece of bathroom magic.

  • Universal. Worried it won’t fit? Don’t be. This drain catcher works with any standard-sized tub drain.
  • Stop clogs. Catch every hair, every time. And we’re not just talking human hair. Your pet's hair won't make it down the pipes either.
  • Patented design. Not to boast, but we’ve actually won awards for this. Our drain catcher fits inside your drain, not over it. That means better protection.
  • No more plumbers. Stop spending money on problems that could easily be avoided. No more plumbers snaking drains for simple hair clogs.
  • Water flow. Don’t worry about your tub choking on its water. It flows smoothly and easily past this drain catcher and down your pipes.
  • Easy clean-up. Just pop the catcher out of your drain and pull the hair off. It’s pretty simple and only takes a few seconds.

This drain catcher is easy to use and actually affordable.

Got more than one bathroom? Get more than one catcher.

Order this now and stop the hair that will inevitably try and clog your pipes.

A few seconds of work now can save you a ton of time and money later.

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