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The first time we saw this, we thought it was a magic trick.

Seriously. A duffle bag that folds up to the size of a banana? That doesn’t sound like a real thing.

But it’s true. Guess what else? It actually works.

This travel duffle bag starts out the size of a large cell phone but expands to a carry-on sized bag.

No, it’s not a miracle or even magic. It’s just really clever.

  • Compact. Fold it up and stick it in your purse or pocket. It really is that small. But inside there’s a ton of room just waiting to be stretched.
  • Strong and durable. Just because it’s portable doesn’t mean its easily destructible. This bag stands up to air travel with the best of them.
  • Slip-over strap. Got another suitcase you’re taking along? No problem. Slip this strap over your other bag’s handle and move them as one unit.
  • Travel-friendly. It’s large enough to store your belongings but small enough that you have options. Use this bag as your check-in, carry-on, or personal belonging.

This is awesome for traveling, Whether you’re road tripping it or making the trek to the airport.

But long-distance travel isn’t all this is good for.

  • Beach. Heading for some waves? Pack everything you need.
  • Camping. Remember a change of clothes and the s’mores fixings.
  • Shopping. Didn’t mean to buy so much? Don’t worry, you’ve got room.
  • Gym. Working out then heading to work? Take a towel and a change of clothes.

Quickly and easily store your items without a lot of fuss.

No excuses. You should always have this on you. It folds up for Pete’s sake. If you don’t want it in your purse, keep it in the glove box of your car.

Someday soon, you’re gonna wish you had a storage bag that was super-lightweight and easy to move around.

Get this now and be ready when that day comes.

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