Multifunctional Electric Tool Sharpener

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Multifunctional Electric Tool Sharpener - Sharpening Jobs Is a Breeze Now!

Always facing troubles and wasting time & money on sharpening tools? Now forget all those troubles and get Multifunctional Electric Tool Sharpener which helps to sharpen various tools with ease.

Multifunctional Electric Tool Sharpener Helps to Sharpen Various Tools Without Any Hassle


  • This multi-task tool sharpening includes three working modules: (i) HSS drill sharpener - Sharpens all high-speed steel drill bits from 3mm to 13mm. (ii) Knife & Scissor Sharpener - Sharpens all straight-edged knives & scissors. (iii) Chisel & Plane Sharpener - Regrinds chisel & plane blades from 6mm to 51mm wide.

  • Suitable tool sharpening for beginners to grind and sharpen various tools in the home. Especially for the novice to grind and sharpen planer iron, chisels, knives, scissors, drills, and etc.

  • Accurately locates high-speed steel drill bits for correct sharpening angles. The angle and width are adjustable of the tool sharpening. 


  • Rated Voltage: 110V
  • Power: 96W
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