Anti-fall Baby Head Protector

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Design: Brown Bee (Cotton)

Brown Bee (Cotton)
Brown Bee (Breathable)
Yellow Bee (Cotton)
Yellow Bee (Breathable)
Blue Angel (Cotton)
Pink Angel (Cotton)
Lady Bug (Cotton)

Size: L- 35x16cm

L- 35x16cm
S- 30x14cm
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Let your toddler play freely without worries, even when you are not around

Can you say adorable? Babies are cute enough on their own, but this head protector ups their cute factor by a thousand. And it keeps them safe.

A bump on the noggin is no big deal when you’re an adult with a head hard as steel, but babies are still soft and mushy. The wrong kind of bump can send them to the emergency room.

An even bigger bump can scar them for life. That’s not something anyone wants.

Blankets and pillows aren’t enough to protect your little guy. Not when they can roll and fall and oh-so-many other things we don’t even want to think about.

This animal-shaped baby head protector is adorable, soft, and protects your baby’s head wherever they go.

Okay, time to talk facts.

  • Ultra-soft. We used premium quality cotton that’s almost as soft as your baby’s head. Almost. We’re talking plush, cushiony, and perfect.
  • Adorable design. It’s not quite as cute as your baby, but it’s pretty darn close. Give your child something deserving of their sweetness.
  • Easy to wear. This is so simple. It just straps over your baby like a backpack. Protect the back of their head, neck, and upper back.
  • Adjustable. Need to make it a little tighter? A little looser? No problem. Adjust the straps so they fit your baby just right.
  • Toxin-free. No smelly chemicals or poisons here, just wholesome comfort and plush cotton. Keep your entire baby safe, not just their head.

Protect your baby as they learn to sit, crawl, and walk.

Sitting up is one of those things that takes a little practice. With this head protector, they can practice all they want without getting hurt.

This is as much for you as it is for them. Order this head protector now, and tomorrow you won’t have to worry.

Know your baby is safe, and help them on their path to toddlerhood.

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Brown Bee (Cotton), Brown Bee (Breathable), Yellow Bee (Cotton), Yellow Bee (Breathable), Blue Angel (Cotton), Pink Angel (Cotton), Lady Bug (Cotton)


L- 35x16cm, S- 30x14cm