Peel-off Eyebrow Enhancer Tint

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Get natural looking eyebrows without costing you a small fortune.

Lucky us, we were born with almost non-existent eyebrows that dip when they should arch and thin out where they should grow thick.

We’ve got two choices: learn to deal with them or try and fix them. Here’s to the latter.

Just one problem. Fake eyebrows are the worst. Seriously. They make otherwise beautiful faces look like something out of a horror magazine.

The last ones we tried made us look like a werewolf. Picture long, bushy eyebrows that go to your ears. Okay, maybe we’re exaggerating, but just barely.

Before that, we used an eyebrow pencil that gave us all the appeal of a cartoon character. It actually looked like we painted them on.

More money down the drain, and we’re still left with the same eyebrows we were born with. It shouldn’t be this difficult.

And it doesn’t have to be.

This peel-off eyebrow tint creates natural looking eyebrows without drying out your real ones, making a mess, or costing you a small fortune.

Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. Let’s hear the rest.

  • Natural looking. That overdrawn, cartoony eyebrow look went out decades ago. These are soft, simple, and totally natural looking.
  • Long lasting. You don’t need to reapply this every hour or even every day. It stays on up to 3 days or until you take if off.
  • No sticky mess. Yes, it goes on like a gel but it peels off leaving your eyebrows soft and silky. No sticky residue left behind.
  • Smudge proof. Go to sleep and wake up with perfect eyebrows. It won’t rub off on your pillow, clothes, or skin.
  • Painless. The gel pulls off your eyebrow without pulling out the hair. It’s our little secret how, but it’s what makes this work so well.

One bottle lasts two months. Minimum.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on your eyebrows to make them look good. You probably spend more on coffee each month than you will on this.

No one’s born with ultra-sexy, perfect eyebrows. We create them.

Order this eyebrow tint today and create your perfect eyebrows tomorrow. Next time you look in the mirror, love what you see.

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