Super Easy DIY Wall Painting

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Bundle: Paint Kit WITHOUT Metal Sticks

Paint Kit WITHOUT Metal Sticks
Paint Kit WITH Metal Sticks
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Super Easy DIY Wall Painting

Paint your house easily as one-two-three!

Renovating your house? Wanna do some job by yourself rather than hire someone and pay? This latest premium do-it-your-self paint kit is perfect for you! Get excellent & professional results from this innovative painting tool that masters both corners and molding! You can now glide along with moldings, zip around corners, paint circles around fixtures!
  • Paint Pads - can hold up to 12 times more paint than traditional paint brushes and 7 times more paint than traditional paint rollers
  • Time Efficient - paint an entire room in less than one hour! That's how easy it is!
  • Professional results - get perfect & excellent results every time at ease. Anyone can do it.
  • Hassle-Free - no more paint prepping, runs or brush strokes.
  • 3 Metal Sticks -  expand your reach unto 1 meter help you reach anywhere in the room at ease. 
  • Pain Any Wall - can be used to any wall, any room regardless of the degree of texture.

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        Paint Kit WITHOUT Metal Sticks, Paint Kit WITH Metal Sticks