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Talk about the cute-factor. This is the epitome of cute baby things, and we didn’t even know it existed until yesterday.

Seriously, who would’ve thought that something so practical could be so darn adorable?

We don’t know about you, but we’ve always hated those plastic baby tubs.

They’re hard as rocks and our babies just cry whenever we put them in one.

This flower baby bather is adorable, cushiony, and keeps your baby comfortable during bath time.

The good news is we’ve never seen anything like it. So it’s totally unique.

The bad news? We had a hard time figuring out what we loved most about it, because we love everything.

  • Contoured petals. 7 extra wide petals are contoured to cradle your baby and keep them from rolling around while you bathe them.
  • Soft and cuddly. Your baby is delicate. Soft and cuddly is so much better than hard plastic. Keep them comfy and safe.
  • Easy water drain. Water won’t pile up with this bather. Dirty water drains out through the petals as clean water comes in.
  • Flexible. Putting baby in your sink? No problem. This baby bather is flexible so it fits just about any sink.
  • Adorable. Your baby might not care how cute this is, but you’ll love it. And there’s tons of colors to pick from, so get your favs.

It’s easy to use and totally safe.

Nothing toxic here, and no way for your baby to go rolling free. We think that’s a winning combination.

You know your baby’s gonna need a bath. Probably sooner rather than later. That’s kind of how babies are.

Get this flower bath bather now and make things easier on you and your baby.

They’ll love the soft cushiony feel, and you’ll love not listening to them scream.

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