Waterproof Superman Glue

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It’s the war cry of every man, woman, and child who have knocked their grandmother’s vase off a shelf. Or dropped their favorite coffee mug and watched the handle snap off.

How many times have you broken something, tried to glue it back together, and failed?

Seriously, that many!?

You know why it didn’t work, don’t you? Because not every glue is created equal.

This stronghold glue is superhero strong, waterproof, and can repair anything.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Solvent-free. You won’t feel like you’re breathing in poison. We think that’s a good thing. You can focus on your repairs instead of your increasingly light head.
  • Transparent. Worried your patch job will be obvious? Don’t be. There’s no icky white residue left behind, so no one will be the wiser.
  • Waterproof. What’s the point of gluing something if water can dissolve it? This glue only needs 24-48 hours to cure, then you’re golden.
  • Outdoors or indoors. Since it’s waterproof, you don’t have to limit it to indoor use. Things break outside too. Go ahead and fix them.

So is your mind visualizing the possibilities?

In case you need a little help, here’s a few suggestions on what you can use this for.

  • Glass. Windows, jars, bottles, vials. If it cracks, you can glue it. 
  • Rubber. Tires, masks, plug. Because bouncy things break too.
  • Ceramic. Vases, figurines, anything in your mom's china cabinet.
  • Wood. Oak, pine, cherry... one glue fits all wood.
  • Metals and plastics. Toys, games, things found in your garage.

Basically, if you can break it, this glue can fix it.

The surfaces don’t even have to be flat or even. It literally works on anything.

If you don’t break something soon, chances are your kids will. Or maybe your favorite furry friend.

Order this today so the next time you hear something crash to the ground, you won’t have to scream out your war cry, you can calmly get your glue, fix it, and go on with your day.

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