Stress Busting Animal Squishies

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Squishy Design: White Cat

White Cat
Gray Cat
Polar Bear
Cat Paw
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Are you a big ball of stress? Maybe you’ve only got little stress pebbles tapping on your shoulders?

Either way, the stress is there. And chances are it won’t vanish all on its own.

These stress busting animals are cute, fun, and will bust your stress down to zero!

Honestly, they’re so cute you almost won’t want to squish them. But trust us, they can take it.

They’ve got some amazingly cool features.

  • Safe for all ages. Old, young, somewhere in between… it doesn’t matter. These squishes work for kids or kids at heart.
  • Easy to clean. Just rinse them off with a little soapy water and let them dry. That’s it. Because reducing stress shouldn’t be a hassle.
  • Improve blood circulation. Squishing these creatures will get the blood flowing in your hands. Awesome if you have circulation problems!
  • Super-soft. Don’t worry about these hurting your fingers. These squishes are pinch and pain-free.
  • Easy to hide. Don’t want your boss to see? Just keep a squishie in your drawer. They’ll fit in your pocket, purse… wherever you need them to.

Don’t let stress build up when you can bust it up.

Order these squishes today and reduce your stress tomorrow.

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