Kitchen Stove Gap Cover

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Color: Black (2pc)

Black (2pc)
White (2pc)
Clear (2pc)
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Ssh! Don’t tell anyone. We just dropped a noodle in that little crack between our stove and the counter. Okay, fine. Two noodles. And a cookie.

Hey, it’s not our fault. That gap is just sitting there waiting for things to fall down it.

And moving the stove to clean it up is easier said than done. Stoves are just bulky and awkward to get out of that tight space.

This stove gap cover fits perfectly over that little crack so food can’t fall in, no matter small the crumbs.

Every kitchen needs one.

  • Silicone. This material’s trendy for a reason. It’s completely heat-resistant, which means it won’t warp or degrade over time.
  • Smudge-proof. Instead of a shiny surface where every fingerprint and piece of dust is visible, ours is matte. You can’t smudge it or stain it.
  • Wipes clean. No matter how hard you try, oil and food are probably gonna spill on it. Just wipe it clean with a wet rag and it’s like new again.
  • Non-slip. You don't want this cover slipping while you’re in the middle of cooking. That would defeat the whole purpose. This won’t move an inch.
  • Universal. Fits any standard-sized gap. If it turns out too small, order an extra and fit them together. Too big? You can cut it down to size.

Don’t let fallen food draw bugs and bacteria into your kitchen.

Seriously, old food is just gross. You don’t want it anywhere near the stuff you intend to eat.

Order this stove gap cover now and keep your kitchen clean. You need this as of yesterday.

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Black (2pc), White (2pc), Clear (2pc)