Steam Hair Straightener

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Transform your hair from coarse & curly into soft, silky & straight without damaging a strand.

Doesn’t matter what kind of hair we were born with, we want to change it. That’s like Beauty 101.  

Curly? We want it straight. Coarse? We want it soft and silky. The big problem here is desire and reality are two different things.

Sure, we can straighten those curls with some serious heat and a little elbow grease, but our natural hair ends up looking like one big frizz ball.

Maybe, just maybe, you manage to pull things off. For now. The more often you straighten your hair, the more likely you’re gonna lose it.

Don’t freak out just yet. We know we threw that curve ball at you pretty hard, but we’ve got something you’re gonna want to hear.

This steam hair straightener transforms your hair from coarse and curly into soft, silky and straight without damaging even one strand.

Bold words for a bold hair straightener, but guess what? It’s all true.

  • Damage-free. Steam doesn’t hurt your hair the way traditional straighteners do. It actually moisturizes your hair so it turns out softer and silkier.
  • No frizz. No damage means no frizz. Enjoy straight hair with a lustrous shine. You’ll never get that with an old-school straightener.
  • 5 settings. Need a little more heat? A little less. Adjust the settings as needed, they’re all safe for your hair.
  • Fast results. Gorgeous hair doesn’t take hours, all you need is a few minutes, a mirror, and you’re done.
  • Tourmaline ceramic. This is kind of the secret ingredient. The ceramic heats up and releases ions so your hair literally can’t be damaged.

It’s easy to use and sets up in less than a minute.

Just fill up the water chamber, turn it on, and straighten your hair. We’re not underplaying things here, it really is that simple.

If you’ve got coarse, curly hair that’s crying out to be straight and soft, then you need this steam hair straightener ASAP.

Get it now, before your damage your hair with expensive, useless hair straighteners that will only make things worse.

It’s not too late. This steam straightener can fix you up again. But first, you need to click that order button.

As for those old-school straighteners? Into the trash. Once you get this, you won't think twice about them.

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