Starry Sky Car light

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Version: Single Mode

Single Mode
Multi Mode (with Remote Control)

Projection: Starry

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This starry sky car light is USB powered, pulses with your music, and wows everyone who sees it no matter their age.

Holy cow. This is awesome. It’s one of those things we probably don’t need, but really, really want.

Okay, you’ve seen starry skies for your home, right?

You know, those magical light displays that run across your ceiling and make it feel like you’re floating in space? Well this is like that, but for your car.

Who knew this even existed? Goodbye boring commutes, hello space adventure. We are so in.

And maybe our kids will finally stop asking if we’re there yet the next time we go see grandma. We’re thinking a magical night sky is just the trick to keep them entertained.

Got a date night coming up? Perfect. Add a little romance and wow your date with an observatory all their own.

This starry sky car light is USB powered, pulses with your music, and wows everyone who sees it no matter their age.

Once you see it, you’re gonna want two. Even if you’ve only got one car. That’s the power of awesome.

  • USB powered. You don’t need tons of cords or batteries. Just plug it into any USB and you’re good to go.
  • Remote control. Turn it on and off with the remote. It attaches to your keyring so you’ll never lose it.
  • Pulses with sound. Every time the music changes, so does your starry sky. Watch meteor showers and twinkling lights on the roof of your car.
  • 3 light modes. Want to make the stars flicker? Maybe slow their twinkling down? Switch between 3 different light modes.
  • Damage-free installation. It comes with one of those stickers that attaches to anything in two seconds and won’t damage your car.

Smaller than your cell phone and easier to operate.

Until you turn it on, you’ll forget it’s even there. It’s compact enough to fit anywhere in your car without getting in your way.

Get this now and launch a starry adventure the next time you get in your car.

You might not ever get to space, but for a while at least, you can touch the stars.

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Single Mode, Multi Mode (with Remote Control)


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