Stainless Steel telescopic drain rack

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Creative design for all sink specifications
Kitchen utensils can be stored to keep your kitchen clean and tidy
  • Length can be adjusted by hand
  • Solve the size problem for you

  • 304 stainless steel syrup inspection
  • Quality guaranteed
  • Load capacity up to 35kg
  • Smooth and not scratching
  • Pay attention to every detail and care for your health

  • In order to ensure the availability of the product, the faucet height needs to be within 45cm.
  • Size specification display
  • Show details
  • Increase space
  • Intimate design to meet the daily household dishes

  • Bowl can be placed in a bowl of 10-16CM
  • 10 discs of 17-24CM diameter can be placed on the disc layer
  • Partition design, placing the tool to damage your hand
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