Kitchen Drainer Rack

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Size: 65CM

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Grrrrr. Meltdown coming in 3, 2, 1…

Stop! Trying to wash dishes in a tight kitchen is hard. We totally get that.

But that’s no reason to start smashing things. All that crusty food will just end up on your floors, and then you’ll have to clean those too.

Yes, there’s no counter space, and definitely no room for another person. Even if you had someone willing to dry, they couldn’t. Still, don’t flip out just yet.

We’ve got a new prognosis for you: outlook not so bleak.

This stainless steel dish drainer installs fast, saves you space, and lets you spend more time cooking than you do washing dishes.

Want a closer peek? Come right into the kitchen.

  • Perfect stability. Once this goes up, it’s not falling down. It’s probably sturdier than your kitchen table.
  • Rust-resistant. What kind of dish drainer lets rust ruin a good time? Not this one. It cleans up easily and stays rust-free for as long as you’ve got it.
  • Huge capacity. There’s room for everything here. Dishes, bowls, cups, silverware… there’s even a spot for your dish soap and sponge.
  • Crazy strong. There’s no way this is breaking. You could lay a bodybuilder on it and nothing’s gonna pop out of place.
  • Space saver. Tight kitchens feel cramped. This fits over your sink so your counters stay clear and your kitchen stays cramp-free.

Need to drain fruits and veggies? You can do that too.

This isn’t the type of dish drainer you find in big chain stores. It’s more special than that. And infinitely more useful.

Dirty dishes are gonna happen, whether you like it or not. Get this dish drainer now, and be ready for them when they come.

You might not be able to get rid of dishes, but at least you can take the hassle out of washing them. 

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