Sparkling Clean Auto Clay Bar (100g)

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It might sound strange, but have you ever tried washing your car with clay?

No, no, we’re not talking about that hard, baked clay people turn into vases.

This clay cleaning bar is soft, pliable, and a dirt destroyer!

So how does it work?

  • Wash your car and dry it like normal. Or let it air dry. A little water won’t hurt this clay cleaner.
  • Take the clay bar and go over any spots on your car where you see dirt, grime, rust… anything that doesn’t belong there.
  • Watch the clay pick the impurities off your car like magic.

It’s actually kind of cool when you see it in action.

Clay works like a magnet to draw out impurities from your car’s surface.

Check out these other awesome reasons to use clay.

  • Traditional sponges are icky. Sure, they get your car clean, but they also breed bacteria. Clay won’t, so you’ll never have to worry about germs.
  • Lasts forever. Sponges and rags can dry up and get old. Dirt might rinse off, but oil won’t. Clay will last almost forever without cracking or getting gross.
  • Stores easily. Don’t worry about temperature or humidity, just put this clay bar in a drawer or cabinet and forget about it.

If you love your car like we do, you want the best for it. That means this clay cleaning bar.

Get one now and you’ll see the difference the first time you use it.

Your car will thank you, it’s dirt won’t.

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