Paw Print Garden Lights

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Garden decorations get boring fast.

Butterflies, flowers, ladybugs… Don’t get us wrong, we love those things, but they’re always the same.

Sure, they light up and make your garden look pretty, but it’s easy to get tangled in all the cords. And the cost to keep them running? No thank you.

Then there’s the rain factor. Good luck getting them to work the day after a thunderstorm. 

These paw print lights are crazy cute, solar-powered, and won’t cost you a single penny to keep them running.

Basically, they’re the perfect garden decoration.

  • 4 paw prints. One paw print could never be enough, so we’re giving you 4. Make it look like an animal trekked right across your garden. So freaking cute.
  • Solar-powered. You know how much solar energy costs you? Nothing. That’s right. Charge by day and power by night at no cost to you.
  • Weatherproof. If it’s outside, it better be able to handle the weather. Ours does. And not just rain. Sleet, snow, ice… nothing hurts these paws.
  • LED lights. Get a soft, warm glow that’s bright enough to catch your eye, but not so bright it hurts your eyes.
  • Single cable. Instead of multiple cords draped all over your yard, you’ve got one short one. It connects the paw prints to the solar panel. That’s it. No tripping over cables anymore.

These lights don’t burn out, they just keep going and going and…

Okay, so eventually all lights burn out. But these are gonna take years to do it. You get over 10k hours of light time per paw print.

And when the time does finally come, changing out the bulbs is easy. Your kid could probably do it.

If you’ve got a garden or even just a yard you want to jazz up, you need these paw prints.

Order them today, and tomorrow you can see the magic that is solar power.

It won’t cost you anything to run them, so why not? That’s what we thought… there is no reason why not.

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