Multipurpose Scrub Gloves

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Cook, wipe, and scrub all at the same time.

Technology is constantly evolving, why shouldn’t scrub gloves?

We know what you’re thinking. A glove’s a glove.

But no. These gloves our special.

Our multipurpose scrub gloves are antibacterial, heat-resistant, and make cleaning anything a cinch.

Here’s why they’re so different… and awesome!

  • 100% food grade silicone. That means they’re flexible and safe. They’ll fit any sized hands and won’t cause allergic reactions.
  • Super-high heat-resistance. Submerge these gloves in up to 320-degree water and they’ll come out fine. Just make sure your hands aren’t in them.
  • Why 320 degrees? Because at that temperature, you can kill bacteria. You can also pick up a pan right out of the oven and not get hurt.
  • No sponge necessary. The scrubber is built into these gloves, so you can do away with icky sponges where bacteria can hide.

These gloves make multi-tasking easy.

Cook, wipe, and scrub all at the same time.

If you have a house, apartment, car, dog… anything that needs cleaning… then you need these gloves.

Tomorrow’s chores don’t have to be a hassle. Get these gloves today and give yourself the break you need.

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