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This is definitely not your parents’ backpack.

It’s like some super scientist interviewed a bunch of students, travelers, and commuters to see what they wanted in a backpack, then pushed a button and said “make it so.”

You know how normal backpacks have enough from for a couple of books and maybe, if you’re lucky, a laptop?

Not anymore. This holds clothes, laptops, books, phones, the whole shebang.

Oh, and the best part? It’s actually got a way to charge that laptop it’s carrying.

This USB laptop backpack is roomy, secure, and has a built-in USB port so you can charge your stuff on the go.

Holy cow, you’re right. That’s awesome. What else can it do?

  • Ergonomic. That’s a fancy word for comfortable. The straps spread out the weight of your bag so your back and shoulders don’t get achy.
  • Luggage strap. Traveling with more than one bag? Just slip this backpack over your suitcase’s handle and roll them together.
  • Water resistant. Don’t let a little rain send you running. This backpack keeps water out and your things dry.
  • Laptop compartment. Got a laptop with you? We’ve got a special spot for 15” laptops that cushions them and keeps them safe.
  • USB port. Charge your phone or laptop from anywhere, literally. The USB port connects to any power bank so you’ll always have a full charge.
  • Hidden pockets. Don’t be an easy target for thieves. Hidden pockets with zippers make sure your valuables stay out of sight and safe.

Big enough to hold what you need, secure enough to take it anywhere.

Work, school, the beach, the bus… wherever you go, this bag goes with you.

Backpacking across the country? Fun! This is the only travel bag you’ll need.

Order this bag now and make traveling easy.

The next time you go anywhere, you won’t have to think twice about what you’ve left behind, because you’ve left nothing behind.

Everything you need is right here with you.

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