Smart Nail Extension Poly Gel Kit

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We’re just gonna say it.

Fake nails are a dime a dozen. Hard plastic that feels as bad as it looks.

Or worse, liquid cement that destroys your real nails until they look like something that belongs on a crypt keeper.

Well, hang on to your hats and keep your hands and feet inside the roller coaster. We just found something that’s gonna up your nail experience by a thousand.

This Poly Gel nail kit combines acrylic and hard gel in an amazing all-in-one system that gives you killer nails every time without looking fake.

Never heard of Poly Gel? We hadn’t either. It’s what keeps fake nails from looking fake.

Ready to believe? Here we go.

  • Strong and flexible. You know acrylics are hard as rocks. Poly Gel is strong but flexible, like real nails. For long-lasting comfort.
  • Odorless and dust-free. “Smelly” describes most nail salons. Poly Gel won’t leave that toxic odor, and there’s no dust to breathe in.
  • Feather-light. These nails won’t leave your fingers feeling heavy. The Poly Gel goes on light and stays that way.
  • Smooth as silk. It goes on like liquid putty and dries smooth every time, so you always walk away with flawless nails.
  • Toxin-free. Worried about chemicals? Don’t be. This Poly Gel is 7-free and monomer free. We left out all the toxins so you can feel safe wearing it.

These nails go on fast, easy, and last until you take them off.

Don’t give up on great looking nails, just the hassle that comes along with getting them.

Poly Gel leaves the hassle at the door and killer nails on your hands.

You know you want them. Stop waiting and order them now.

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