Automatic Pet Water Fountain

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Does your cat avoid water like the plague?

Does your dog prefer bacteria-laden puddles instead of the fresh water you’ve tried offering?

This pet fountain attracts cats and dogs with its bright colors and flowing water, so they’ll actually want to drink fresh, clean water.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Non-toxic. The last thing you want is Fluffy or Fido drinking something that could make them sick. This is free of toxins, so you don’ have to worry.
  • Circulating water. Flowing water not only does a better job of attracting pets, but of keeping their water clean. No ickies floating on top.
  • 54 ounces. The perfect amount for a cat or small to medium dog. You won’t have to refill it every hour or worry about it running low.
  • Automatic. Just plug it in and watch the water start to stream. There’s nothing else you have to do. Soooo easy.
  • Cute design. A water fountain shaped like a flower? Too cute! Your pets will love the bright colors, you’ll love how adorable it looks in your home.

The more water your pet drinks, the healthier they’ll stay.

Hydration improves kidney function and keeps your pet feeling good.

Order this pet fountain now and show your furry companion how much you love them. Don’t they show you?

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