Silk Fiber Mascara

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Add crazy volume and length to your eyelashes without fear of smudge & allergy

We love our eyes, hate our lashes. They’re way too thin and so short people think they’re not even there. Even we can’t find them sometimes.

Sure, mascara helps. Sort of. We need tons of layers just to give them a tiny boost. By the time we’re done, they look fake. Not really an improvement.  

And if we pick the wrong mascara, our eyes end up red and watery. “Raccoon eyes” wasn’t the look we’re going for.

This silk fiber mascara adds crazy volume and length, is hypoallergenic, and won’t smudge.

We’re not saying it’s magic, but it’s close. Take a look and see for yourself.

  • Waterproof. A little water shouldn’t ruin your mascara. Ours is waterproof, so even at the gym or in a hurricane, you can still look your best.
  • Smudge-free. Don’t freak out if you stop thinking and rub your eyes. This is totally smudge-proof, so feel free to rub away.
  • No clumping. Clumps can make the best mascara look like a hot mess. This wand separates your lashes instead of clumping them together.
  • Longer lashes. This sounds kind of insane, but you can actually triple the length of your lashes with just one coat of mascara. Awesome, right?
  • Volumizing. What good are long lashes if they’re too thin to see? This adds volume so you get crazy thick lashes to match the length.
  • Hypoallergenic. Don’t worry, this won’t irritate your eyes. It’s hypoallergenic, so even if you’ve got sensitive eyes you can still wear it.

It looks realistic, brushes on fast, and is easy to remove.

Even with layers of mascara your lashes won’t look fake. The silk fibers keep things natural. And it only takes a few seconds to brush on and build up your lashes.

Ready to take if off? No problem. Grab you makeup remover, give your eyes a good swipe, and you’re done.

Order this silk fiber mascara today and get your dream lashes tomorrow.

There’s no point waiting, haven’t you done that long enough already?

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