Side Sleeper Pillow

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It looks like a horseshoe. Relax, it doesn’t actually feel like one.

It feels like the softest, most cushiony pillow ever. Floating on a cloud seems way too cliché, but we’re not really sure how else to describe it.

You know that crick in your neck after a bad night’s sleep? The one that lasts all freaking day no matter how you try and stretch it out?

Yeah, now imagine that gone. Like it never even existed. And that stabbing lower back pain? Gone too.

This side sleeper pillow supports your head and neck while you sleep so you wake up pain-free and totally refreshed.

Now you get our dilemma? It sounds like floating on a cloud, right? Fine, we’ll just have to get a little cliché. But only a little.

There’s plenty of cool things to check out other than its cloud-like abilities. Take a look.

  • Removable pillowcase. It's kinda gross, but we all sweat and shed dead skin during the night. Just unzip the pillowcase and give it a wash. 
  • Ear protection. Ever feel like your ears are getting squished while you sleep? This pillow’s got a groove designed to keep your ears squish-free.
  • Any position. Sure, this is geared towards side sleepers. But most people move around at night. Whatever position you land on, you’ll be supported.
  • Promotes good posture. We're talking sleep posture, but still. The more aligned your spine is during the night, the better you’ll feel during the day.
  • Head and neck support. This pillow supports your head and neck so pain vanishes. Actually, it never even shows up in the first place.

Get to sleep easier and rest better.

For once in your life, wake up feeling good. Stiff muscles, sore joints, aching backs… what are those anyway but part of your past?

Get this side sleeper pillow and step into your future. Limber muscles, happy joints, no aches anywhere.

Sounds like a fantasy, but if you get this pillow today, it could be your new reality.

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