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Pick a baby, any baby. Now try explaining to them that it’s bath time and they need to close their eyes so soap doesn’t get in there and sting them.

So what did baby do? Probably gave you one of those adorable baby giggles and a blank expression.

In other words, their eyes are staying open.

You might have better luck with a toddler, but not by much. If their eyes stay open, you’ll end up with tears and a tantrum. Fun.

This shampoo shower shield stops water and soap from getting in your baby’s eyes even if they’re open.

Really? Because if this is for real, it’s kind of a lifesaver. Or at least a tantrum saver.

When you’ve got more than one kid under three years old, they’re kind of the same thing.

All right. No more jokes. This is real, and it’s amazing.

  • No more tears. Water and soap belong nowhere near a baby’s sensitive eyes. This cap keeps everything out, even if your baby’s eyes are open.
  • Easily adjustable. Quickly and easily adjust it to fit any head. Well, up to 3 years old. Older than that, and your baby’s not such a baby anymore.
  • Non-toxic. No icky chemicals or smelly poisons lurking around here. This shower cap is completely safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Comfortable. We don’t want to squish your baby’s head or cause discomfort. This ultra-soft, stretchable material is comfy for any baby.
  • Nose and ear protection. Water going up your nose or clogging your ears is no fun even as an adult. This makes sure baby’s nose and ears are protected too.

No more tears, no more tantrums, no more hassle.

It’s about time there was a way to get your baby in and out of the water without either of you throwing a fit.

Pick this up now and make bath time fun and easy, for you and your baby. You both deserve it.

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