Self-Watering Plant Bulb

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Bulb Shape: Bird

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Oh this is cool. Like, really cool. We’re talking a gardener’s dream here.

Are you ready? Wait for it… self-watering plant bulbs.

Garden decorations that know how much water your plants need and when to deliver it.

Go on, you can say it. That sounds awesome.

There’s some amazing stuff happening here.

  • High-quality glass. You don’t want cheap stuff in your garden that will break with the first harsh wind. This glass is made to last.
  • Beautiful designs. We’ve got a few to choose from, so take your pick. They all look incredible, and they all care for your plants.
  • Self-watering. Just fill the bulbs up and let them do their thing. It’s actually that easy. The water disperses depending on the dryness of the soil.
  • Indoor or outdoor. Indoor plants deserve as much attention as the outdoor ones, maybe even more so. Make sure they get the water they deserve.
  • Vacation-proof. Don’t worry about your plants dying when you’re out of town. Easily keep them alive and flourishing.

Water your plants quickly, easily, and without lifting a watering can.

If you’ve got more than one plant, order more than one bulb. They’re not expensive, so why not?

Pick your favorites today and get your order going.

Your plants and you both deserve the best. And now you’ve found it.

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Bulb Shape

Bird, Star, Flower, Mushroom, Heart