Second Skin Durable Ultrathin Panties (3 pcs)

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Color: Purple (3 pcs)

Purple (3 pcs)
Pink (3 pcs)
White (3 pcs)
Beige (3 pcs)
Black (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 1 (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 2 (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 3 (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 4 (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 5 (3 pcs)
Mixed Set 6 (3 pcs)

Size: S

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Who says sexy and comfortable can’t go together?

We found a panty set that won’t make you choose. Because us girls deserve to feel good and look good at the same time.

These ultra-thin seamless panties redefine luxury and make a woman feel sexy inside and out.

Check out these awesome features.

  • Completely seamless. Who wants panty-lines showing under your pencil skirt or club dress? No lines here. Keep that sexy feeling all day and night.
  • Super-comfortable. There’s nothing worse than stiff, itchy underwear. These stay soft no matter how many times you wash them.
  • Low-rise briefs. No waistbands peeking out. No thongs riding up. These keep you covered without turning into the dreaded “granny panties.”
  • Set of 3. With comfort like this, you’ll want more than one pair. We’re giving you a set of 3, all different colors.

Other stores sell panties like this for three times as much. No woman should have to pay that much for comfort.

Ours are made for everyday women, at everyday prices.

Order your set of ultra-thin seamless panties now and start tomorrow off feeling sexy.


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Purple (3 pcs), Pink (3 pcs), White (3 pcs), Beige (3 pcs), Black (3 pcs), Mixed Set 1 (3 pcs), Mixed Set 2 (3 pcs), Mixed Set 3 (3 pcs), Mixed Set 4 (3 pcs), Mixed Set 5 (3 pcs), Mixed Set 6 (3 pcs)


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