Seat Belt Pillow

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Kids are gonna love this.

Wait a second. Forget about kids. They love anything soft and cuddly.

Parents are gonna love this.

Why? Because it makes driving with your children easy for a change.

This seat belt pillow keeps your kids comfortable, happy, and complain-free for as long as you’re in the car.

Sounds impossible, we know. But just take a look.

  • Plush comfort. So soft and comfortable your kids will have a hard time staying awake. Go ahead, let them sleep. The trip will be that much easier on everyone.
  • Support. Keep your child’s head and neck supported while they sleep. That way no one wakes up with a stiff neck and cranky attitude.
  • Universal. Attaches to any seat belt shoulder strap within seconds. Literally any make, any model. You can even switch them between cars.
  • Stays in place. Once you attach it, the pillow won’t go slipping and sliding all over the place. It stays right next to your kid’s head.
  • Machine washable. Don’t let a little juice ruin what could be a very good thing. This pillow is machine washable, so you can kiss germs and dirt goodbye.

No more crying, whining, or yelling. Just comfortable napping.

Seriously, if you’ve got kids, why wouldn’t you at least try it?

Got more than one kid? Order more than one pillow. The last thing you need is them fighting over who gets it.

Give yourself a break from the hassles of driving and order one of these seat belt pillows now.

It might not make your entire life easier, but at least it can help with car trips.

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