Foldable Kayak Wind Sail

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Window Shape: Eye

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Lightweight and durable kayak sail to get you down the river without forcing your muscles.

Kayaks are awesome. Until your arms get so tired that lightweight paddle feels like it’s about to rip them off. One more mile to go? Might as well be one million.

But that hasn’t stopped us yet. The water calls, and off we go. Though we admit the idea of a trading in our paddles for sails is starting to sound better and better.

Who’s got money for a sailboat though? Or the room? We love our little kayak, we just don’t love the way our muscles turn to Jell-O at the end of the day.

This foldable kayak sail is lightweight, portable, and will get you down the river without turning your arm muscles to goo.

Okay, this actually sounds pretty cool. Tell us more.

  • Ultra-compact. It’s lightweight and foldable, that’s as portable as you can get. Fit it inside the trunk of your car or a reusable grocery bag.
  • Awesome wind range. For something so small, this handles a lot. Take on winds from 4 to 13 knots without any problems.
  • High-quality. We’re talking only the best materials. Triple stretched seams and premium batten make this sail insanely strong.
  • Opens easily. Is the wind picking up? Get your sail open in just a few seconds and attach it to your boat nearly as fast.
  • See-through window. No, it’s not glass. It’s polyester taffeta. That means it’s see-through but super-strong. Perfect for a boat.

Works with most small boats.

Canoes, paddleboards, inflatables, even tandems and expedition boats. Basically, anything that needs a little extra boost.

If you go kayaking, you need this sail. Smoother trips mean extra fun.

Order it today, save your arms tomorrow.

It’s easy, powerful, and compact. That’s the kind of thing you can’t say no to.

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