Ruffler Sewing Foot

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Ruffles, ruffles, everywhere and still they don’t come out right. Uuugh. It’s enough to make you pull the hair out of your head, or the threads out of your clothes.

Okay, if you’re not a sewer, you’re not gonna get how frustrating it can be to try and make the perfect pleat only to realize halfway through you’ve messed up.

That accordion look you were going for has somehow turned into a piano. Or maybe a drum. Definitely not what you wanted, either way.

This ruffler sewing foot quickly and easily makes perfect ruffles every time.

Clothes, curtains, bed sheets… whatever you’re ruffling, this gets it done.

It’s actually pretty awesome.

  • Save time. Don’t spend hours measuring, folding, and pinching pleats. Get the ruffles you want in half the time.
  • Adjustable pleat depth. Want your ruffles a little smaller? Just tighten the knob. Bigger? Loosen it. It’s that easy.
  • No foot removal. Need to sew a straight seem in the middle of doing pleats? Switch to the star setting and you don’t have to remove the foot.
  • Precision control. You’re in charge of everything here. Control the distance from fold to fold without having to make guesses.
  • Universal. Worried this won’t work with your sewing machine? Don’t be. It works with any brand, any style.

Set up is easy and only takes a few minutes.

How easy? This is one of those times you probably won’t even need the directions to figure things out. Don’t worry, we include them anyway.

Sewing should be fun. Don’t make it hard on yourself.

Order this ruffler sewing foot now and sew like a professional starting tomorrow.

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