Reusable Refrigerator Mesh Bags (12 pcs)

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How often have you bought produce only to let it rot?

Don’t be embarrassed. We’ve all done it.

But we don’t have to let produce go to waste anymore.

These reusable mesh bags keep produce fresh longer, are machine washable, and work in any fridge or freezer.

Skeptical? We were too… until we tried it. Our verdict? They’re as awesome as they sound!

Check out these amazing features.

  • 3 different sizes. Small, medium, and large size bags work with whatever kind of produce you’ve got. Because everyone likes variety.
  • Eco-friendly. Forget plastic. These mesh bags are made to be reused, so you’re not adding to another landfill. Feel good about using them.
  • Stay fresh longer. The mesh allows the air to circulate, so your fruits and vegetables will stay fresh longer and taste better.
  • Fridge or freezer. These bags work in either environment. They won’t crack, rip, or break even when they get ice cold.
  • Easy to clean. Just throw them in the washing machine. No special detergent required, making it easy on you and your wallet.

Save time and money with these reusable mesh produce bags.

Don’t throw out your food, just keep it fresh longer. And save yourself an extra trip to the grocery store while you’re at it.

Order these mesh bags today because wasted food is wasted money, and you deserve better than that.

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