Retro Style Wireless Speaker

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Watch movies and play songs in the most retro and coolest way possible!

Cutest. Thing. Ever. You know all that 1980s nostalgia going around right now? It got packed into one adorable design.

We know what you’re thinking. The cuter it is, the cheaper it sounds. But that’s the kind of heartache we’ve experienced ourselves. We’re not passing it on to others.

We went for high-fidelity on this. We’re talking full-on surround sound.

And as for the battery life? We’re two steps ahead of you. This won’t blip out just when things are getting good. We packed a little extra power in there for you.

This retro TV Bluetooth speaker and phone holder is adorable, sounds amazing, and runs all day without needing a charge.  

We went old school with this design, and it was so, so worth it. Check this out.

  • Retro. The embodiment of the 1980s is here. You didn’t have to live through it to dig how cute this is. This old school TV is iconic.
  • Surround sound. Built-in high-fidelity speakers deliver crystal clear surround sound every time you watch.
  • Bluetooth. Just sync up with your phone or computer and watch whatever you like. It works with anything Bluetooth.
  • Long battery life. Run this for up to 8 hours straight without it slowing down or buffering every 5 minutes.
  • USB charger. Ready for that recharge? Plug it into any USB before you go to bed and it’ll be ready when you wake up.
  • Phone holder. Got something good going on your phone? Cool. Just clip your phone in and this holds it in place.

Small, lightweight, and easily portable.

You can take this pretty much anywhere.

Watch your favorite TV show during your lunch break or take it on vacay in case the hotel’s channels are beyond bleh.

Order this Bluetooth speaker and phone holder now and show off your retro side.

It’s not the sort of thing you need, it’s just the sort of thing you really, really want. And at this price point, why shouldn’t you?

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