Removable Sofa Cover

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Cover Type: Single-seater


Design: Beige Pattern

Beige Pattern
Brown Pattern
Brown Leaves
Brown Waves
Colored Polygon
European Floral- Pink
Floral Stems
Floral Vintage
Floral Square Pattern
European Floral- Brown
Gray Diamond
Gray Spring
Green Clover
Green Floral
Green Leaves
Geometric Neon
Navy Blue
Square Pattern
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Sofa covers? Not on your life.

Bland, drab colors that showcase mind-numbing boredom instead of sparking any sense of creativity or uniqueness.

Not exactly the kind of thing we want in our homes.

But that dull brown couch you’ve got in your living room isn’t much better. Sure, you thought it was cute when you got it, but that was years ago. Now you don’t know what you were thinking.

And let’s talk about how dirty it gets.

Pet hair has a way of accumulating on couches like nobody’s business. And if it’s a light color, dirt shows up on every freaking cushion.

This removable sofa cover has something we’ve never seen —unique colors and patterns that jazz up your home while keeping your sofa clean.

Hmm… okay, so it sounds intriguing, but still… a slipcover?

Trust us. This isn’t your grandma’s slipcover.

  • Multiple sizes. How big is your couch? Because we’ve got options. One, two, three, and four seat sofa covers are ready and waiting. 
  • Unique patterns and colors. This isn’t just another taupe sofa cover. We’ve got bright colors, dark colors, and a bzillion patterns to suit any style.
  • Super-stretch. It stretches in all directions, which means you won’t have to fight to make it fit. Just give a gentle tug and pull it into place.
  • Wrinkle-free. Sure, couches are made for sitting, but that doesn’t mean you want them wrinkled up and ugly. Ours stay wrinkle-free.
  • Soft but durable. That’s a hard combo to get right, but we nailed it. Ultra-soft yet strong enough to last for years. The best of both worlds.
  • No shifting. You don’t want the cover sliding around whenever you move. We’ve got double reinforcement. Elastic bands and straps hold everything in place.

And don’t worry, this sofa cover is easily removable and totally machine washable.

Because seriously, what good would it be if it wasn’t? Just toss it in the cold cycle and dry it on low temps, and it will be fine.

Order this today, and stop hating your couch tomorrow.

Your sofa might not thank you, but this is one time where it’s okay to thank yourself for making the right decision.

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Beige Pattern, Brown Pattern, Brown Leaves, Brown Waves, Colored Polygon, European Floral- Pink, Floral Stems, Floral Vintage, Floral Square Pattern, European Floral- Brown, Gray, Gray Diamond, Gray Spring, Green Clover, Green Floral, Green Leaves, Geometric Neon, Navy Blue, Square Pattern