Removable Chair Cover

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Design: European Floral- Bright Blue

European Floral- Bright Blue
European Floral- Light Blue
Green Leaves
White Leaves
Black Clover
Green Clover
Green Spring
Gray Spring
White Spring
Gray Leaves
Lilac Notes
Gray Stripes
Gray Pony
Purple Night
Sea & Sky
Teal Pets
Tropical Vibe
Blue Feather
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Hang on to your ponytails. We never thought in a million years we could get excited about seat covers. Well, consider our minds blown.

You know those boring dining room chairs you picked up at a garage sale and never really liked? We’re gonna make them like new.

And those plain white banquet hall chairs? Add a little color at your wedding.

Transform any standard dining or banquet chair from ordinary to extraordinary.

Ready to get excited?

  • Wrinkle-free. Sure, chairs are made to be sat on, but that doesn’t mean you want them getting all icky. These won’t wrinkle, crinkle, or crease.
  • Stain-resistant. Not only are these machine washable, stains are gonna have a hard time sticking around. Good for you, bad for them.
  • Slides right on. Just slide the seat cover over the chair and poof! You’re done. Its elastic hems and corner seams make sure things stay in place.
  • Stretch to fit. Most dining and banquet room chairs come in a one size fits all kind of package. These covers are designed to fit that package perfectly.
  • Pick your print. Looking for something a little more fun than the same solid colors everyone else has? We’ve got plenty of patterns for you to choose from.

Quickly and easily make over your entire room.

Birthday party? Wedding? Dinner guests?

Whatever it is, make your room look special. It only takes a few seconds to change things up.

You deserve better than plain and ordinary. Get these covers today and make things remarkable.

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European Floral- Bright Blue, European Floral- Light Blue, Green Leaves, White Leaves, Black Clover, Green Clover, Green Spring, Gray Spring, White Spring, Gray Leaves, Lilac Notes, Gray Stripes, Gray Pony, Purple Night, Sea & Sky, Teal Pets, Tropical Vibe, Blue Feather