Realistic Fish Toy

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Fish Model: Carp Fish

Carp Fish
Crucian Carp Fish
Striped Blue
Ornate Blue
Red Arowana
Silver Arowana
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Owwwww! Kitty’s got claws, and she likes to pounce.

If you’re not careful, kitty might just pounce on your hand or foot. There are some cats that think everything in their path is a toy.

It’s probably best not to argue with them.

Instead, give them something they can play with that will hold their interest and keep them away from your limbs.

This realistic fish cat toy knows the secret to keeping cats happy: catnip. And it’s not afraid to use it.

Check out these cool-cat features.

  • Premium catnip. We didn’t just use the junky stuff leftover at the bottom of the pile, this is top-shelf catnip all the way.
  • Realistic. It might fool your cat, maybe even you! That’s a good thing, because the more real it is, the more kitty will enjoy trying to rip it apart.
  • Extra-large. Just because your cat is small doesn’t mean they want small toys. If your cat likes to grab something and sink its teeth in, this is it.
  • Refillable. Has your catnip lost its edge? There’s a hidden zipper pocket so you can pour it out and start fresh.
  • Completely safe. There’s nothing here that can hurt kitty, just some soft fabric and fresh catnip. Whether they pick it up or bat it around, your cat is in good hands.

The more cats play, the healthier and happier they are.

We all want the best for our furry friends.

We’re pretty sure your cat shows you how much it loves you every day. Now it’s your turn.

Order this now and let your cat know you care. They’ll thank you for it by clawing this fish instead of your favorite sweater.

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Carp Fish, Crucian Carp Fish, Saury, Striped Blue, Ornate Blue, Arowana, Red Arowana, Silver Arowana