Remote-Controlled Flying Shark

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Color: Clown Fish

Clown Fish
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Ever look up at the sky and see a bird? A plane? A man-eating shark?

Sounds like something out of a horror-comedy!

This remote-controlled shark swims through the air, making people laugh… and run!

Check out these cool features.

  • Indoor or outdoor use. Because sometimes it’s raining, and sometimes it’s sunny. Just pick whichever spot is right for you and your shark.
  • Remote-controlled. Make it fly in any direction you choose without having to push it around. Its fins will help direct it on where to go.
  • Impossible to break. The non-toxic inflatable nylon won’t shatter if your shark bumps into something, it will just bounce off.
  • Save your breath. Our shark takes helium, which means you won’t have to spend an hour blowing it up. Your lungs will thank you.
  • Battery-powered. Who wants to worry about tripping over cords when you’re watching your fish fly? No tripping here!

Whether you love sharks or just love making things fly, this shark is for you.

Order one today, and tomorrow you won’t have to pry your kids away from their video games. They’ll go willingly!

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