Ranch Pest Control Fly Trap

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Ew. Flies are gross. And oh-so-annoying.

And don’t they just show up at the worst times? Like summer barbeques where they keep landing in the potato salad?

No, no, no. Stop them before things get out of control.

This ranch-style fly trap is more like a fly prison.

Control, destroy, and eliminate flies without any pesticides or chemicals.

Flies think they’re smart, but we know your smarter. Show them who’s boss.

  • Low cost. Buy this trap once and use it for years. Because your hard-earned money deserves to go towards the important stuff, not freaking flies.
  • Portable. It’s super lightweight. Just pick it up and move it wherever it needs to go. The basement, kitchen, backyard… wherever flies are lurking.
  • Non-toxic. No chemicals or poisons to spray into the air. Your family and the environment are both safe.
  • Stores easily. Is winter coming? Are your flies done for the season? Just fold it up and tuck it in a drawer till next spring.
  • No escape. Once the flies buzz in, they can’t buzz back out. The netting won’t rip or tangle, so they’re stuck until you dispose of them.

Forget fly swatters. They’re good for maybe one or two flies at the most. But a whole swarm? Uh-uh.

Stop hundreds of flies with a single trap.

One fly leads to thousands of flies. And nobody wants that.

Order your trap today before flies take over and kick you out of your home.

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